Updated French hood notes – for class at GNW

Here is a copy of the handout for my French hood class to be given at GNW. I will only have a limited number of colour copies available, so please feel free to print a copy for yourselves and bring along.

The French Hood – class notes for GNW

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3 Responses to Updated French hood notes – for class at GNW

  1. Oh yay! I made a cute but appalling French Hood for the first Tudor-themed wedding I ever went to, about a year after I got into the SCA…nice to finally have good instructions on how to do it right!

  2. Lady Ysenda de Gray AKA(Sandra Woodruff) says:

    I enjoyed your presentation on the French hood.I also have a desire for such a paper for on and English Gabled Hood. I would be very grateful if you have it ,and are able to share or can point me to the right direction to. find it. Thank fo YOUR Hard work Hope your class does well

    • frenchrenaissancecostume says:

      I’m sorry, but I haven’t done one on the gable hood. My focus is mostly on the French fashions and gable hood was never worn there. Sorry to be unable to help, and thank you for your comments.

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