Bibliography and Links

This page will include a bibliography of French and useful general costuming and art books and websites.

Websites and blogs

Le Costume Historique – in French. An excellent blog discussing various details of 16th century dress.

Le Portrait de la Renaissance Francaise – in French. Excellent links to museums and libraries and pictures.

Grand Ladies – In English. Lots of portraits of ladies from 16th (and 17th) centuries. French as well as other nations. I would suggest ignoring patterns and descriptions sourced from Norris – he’s not a reliable source.

Jillwheezul – Not sure whose blog it is as I stumbled on this by accident, but it has some excellent extracts from wardrobe accounts or inventories and other research, including from France. Highly recommend a visit

Mode Historique – A fabulous blog with lots of research, costumes, links and the like. Has a really good analysis of the French hood (I don’t agree with everything she says, but it is a really great analysis)

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